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Week 48 – Sarah December 13, 2013   0

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Week 48 – Sarah

Here’s the thing – this project wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has without Sarah finding me a bunch of people to be in my project.  I’m not going to list everyone here but I can assure you it would be a long list.  For instance, for the month of February I shot only people who were at her birthday party.   Other times I’d text her on a weekend with 2 or 3 days left to find somewhere for that week and plead for help.  She’d text back in five minutes with someone to shoot.  Amazing.  So the project would not have been complete without having Sarah herself be the subject of a week’s shoot.  :)

We work together at my day job and it was great to work together again outside the office in a different setting.  We went down to the Empire State Plaza a couple Mondays ago on a cold and frosty night.   Sarah didn’t let the cold bother her and she was such a fun subject to shoot.  We had a good time finding areas of the Plaza that I’ve hadn’t used yet on the previous shoots.  There are so many nooks and crannies around that it would take forever to use them all up.   After the evening rush of people trying to get home from work, we didn’t have to deal with many people being around the area.

This shoot was an almost all-flash shoot, which is something I’m becoming more and more comfortable with.  I like dark and dramatic photos so that’s what I went for in most of these shots.   I can’t help but be a drama queen with a camera and a flash.  😉  It was also one of the first times where I stepped back and thought to myself how much I like what I’m doing at the moment.   It was a really good time and having Sarah as my subject made it even better!  I’m really glad to have her be a part of the project that she helped out so much.  My hat is off to you!

Week 49 next, only a few more left!

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