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Week 46 – Leighann December 2, 2013   0

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Week 46 – Leighann

I had an idea in my head at the beginning of the year that I was hoping to bring to fruition in this project.  I don’t know why it came to me, especially since it was hot out at the time, but I wanted to try to capture a dancer in a snowglobe type of feel in a photograph.  That meant someone who could dance and a place to make a mess with some fake snow falling.  That’s where Leighann came into the picture.

I originally contacted her for my project without putting two and two together.  It took a second glance at her Model Mayhem profile before I made the connection.  She was a dancer and why not give this a shot?  I sent her the idea and it turned our she has her own dance studio and was willing to let us make a mess.  Perfect!

My fiancee Michelle and I went down a couple weekends ago with six boxes of Instant Mash Potato Flakes and a fan to try and create something like what was in my head.  When we first arrived outside Leighann’s studio, there was some great natural light and we decided not to waste it.  We headed outside and let the fading sun do the work for us.  There was an empty field right next to the parking lot which provided us all the background we needed to get a few great sunset photos.

After that we headed inside to see if we could make it snow.  We busted out the potato flakes and after a few tries and using a more powerful fan we were set to go.  Michelle poured the flakes into the wind created by the fan and Leighann went through a lot of different dance moves and I tried to capture each at the best moment.  It was a lot harder than I was expecting.  It was an interesting experience to add that much motion into a shot and something I’d like to explore more in future shoots.

We ended up using five of the six boxes of flakes into the fan and Leighann kept dancing for the better part of an hour despite massive amounts of potato flakes ending up in her hair.  She was very easy to work with and really went for it and had a good time during the shoot.  I really like what we came up with and it was fun to collaborate on the dance shots.  Big thanks to Leighann for letting us make a mess in her studio!  And a big thanks to my fiancee for being such a great assistant.  :)

I’m also glad there wasn’t any actual instant mashed potatoes in the end and it was an easy sweep up.  Michelle and I hit up Terrapin Red Bistro in Rhinebeck on the way back for a great post-shoot meal.   Highly recommended on any trip into the area!

Week 47, the last in November, is up next.



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