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Week 35 – Jessica September 5, 2013   3

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Week 35 of my 52 Portraits Project – Jessica

I met up with Jessica on Sunday evening in downtown Albany for Week 35. She’s a co-worker of mine who just moved back upstate with her husband from Queens to raise their newborn. We had previously worked together at my day job about 6 years ago but I was working overnights at the time and never saw or met any of the day shift staff….I did see something interesting things on Central Avenue, however.

Anyway, we wandered around downtown near the walkway over I-787, a place where I’ve shot a couple other sessions for this project (Weeks 9, 16 & 22).  It’s always interesting to see if you can find new ways to shoot the same places. I like that challenge and so far I think it’s gone well. You have to be able to make the familiar look new. Tough to do, but rewarding.

Jessica is very loose in front of the camera and has a nice, natural smile. She was incredibly easy to work with and walked and climbed all over downtown Albany… heels no less!  She was game for all my ideas and even suggested some of her own – I love when that happens.

It’s nice to see your co-workers outside of work and get to know them on a personal level. It’s one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about this project.  You have to get to know the person you’re shooting, it helps put both them and you at ease and makes the shoot that much more interesting.

On to Week 36…

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