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Week 33 of my 52 Portraits Project – Corinne

Corinne contacted me through a modeling site a few weeks back to do a trade shoot while she was in Upstate NY for the summer.  I happily jumped at the chance and suggested we incorporate the shoot into the 52 Portraits Project.  She was in Utica when it came time to schedule the shoot, so we selected Little Falls as a great in between place to meet up.

I wasn’t sure how the shoot was going to go once I got into town.  I started annoying the locals by going the wrong way down a one way street and finished up by walking into a closed pizza shop.  (The door was still open.) I forget small towns close up so early.  Thankfully all the bad karma was done before Corinne showed up!

The industrial/mill town vibe of the canal area really appealed to me.  I immediately thought of a grungy, black-and-white shoot inspired by street photography portraits.  In the end I used more color shots than b/w, but the feeling is there.  Little Falls proved to be even better in person than on Google Maps!

Corinne was awesome to work with.  Her experience modeling really shined through during our shoot.  It’s a different experience working with someone who knows how to move and pose.  It’s less about me directing and more about capturing the decisive moment.  Takes some getting used to at first, but I really enjoyed it.   There was a nice flow to the shoot throughout.

I had a really great time, and thankfully the rain stayed just north of the town and we got away with just clouds.

Off to Vermont next weekend for Week 34…

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